Pop Bits 3rd Edition

Personal Pop

Tropical Storm Bonnie is on its way to South Florida. A tropical storm is stronger than a tropical depression but weaker than a hurricane and is classified by wind speeds of 39 – 73 mph. My main concern is about flooding and losing electricity since that seems to happen easily here in South Florida. I already have a flashlight and candles and last night I went to Publix to buy a few things to eat. One good thing is if the power does go out I have a gas heater so I can still have hot water and take hot showers and that makes me happy.

Media Pop

The second season of Teen Mom, the spin-off of 16 and Pregnant, aired on MTV this Tuesday. This show documents the trials and tribulations of Farrah, Amber, Maci and Catelynn, girls who all had babies while they were teenagers.  In this episode, Farrah and her mom got into a physical altercation and the court ordered that they separate so Farrah and her daughter end up staying at her mom’s guest house across the street. Ballin. Amber fears that she may be pregnant AGAIN. Lawd have mercy. Maci finally wises up and takes Ryan to court so he can be ordered to pay child support for little Bentley. So far, Maci has been paying for all his expenses and Bentley is almost 2 years old. Unfortunately, my favorite couple, Catelynn and Tyler who gave their child up for adoption, seem to be on the rocks. Tyler asks Catelynn to move out and he is having second thoughts about their engagement.


Critics of this show say that it glamourizes and encourages teen pregnancy. However, I believe the opposite is true. I am in my 20s and after watching this show I am having second thoughts about having kids.

At the age of 88 golden girl, Betty White has launched her own fashion line consisting of hoodies and T-shirts adorned with her image.  The hoodies come equipped with ear buds and a jack to plug into MP3 players. Portions of the profits will go to the Morris Animal Foundation. The hoodies and tees can be purchased here http://shop.hoodiebuddie.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=103

Amazing! I want one!!

Matt Barnes, husband of Basketball Wives star Gloria, has signed with the LA Lakers. Barnes currently plays for the Orlando Magic and will be playing for 2 years with the Lakers. On Basketball Wives, Barnes was the least known of all the other basketball husbands, fiance’s and boyfriends. Matt Barnes who? But now everyone will know who he is.

That’s what’s up! *Royce voice*

** Betty White is the Pop Star of the week. She has a career that has spanned decades and is the last remaining Golden Girl. She is also the “it” girl of 2010 starring in Snicker’s commercials, appearing on SNL and MTV and starring in a new show, Hot in Cleveland. **

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