Not Your Grandmother’s Coupons


If you’re not already using then you need to sign up now. You all know that I am a huge fan of saving money and groupon allows one to experience new foods,places and activities, within their city, at a hugely discounted price. Usually more than 50% off. However, you only get the special if enough people sign up for it. For example, the special of the day is a buy one get one at a restaurant. To get this special at least 25 people have to sign up which will mean that the special will have “tipped” and it will be official. If you decide to sign up for the special before it “tips” you will have to fill out your credit card information but you will not be charged until enough people sign up. If enough people don’t sign up you won’t get the deal but you won’t be charged either.

I think this is a great way to experience new activities, places and services in your city as well as provide affordable socializing activities for you and your friends. For the businesses, they are gaining exposure and hopefully repeat customers so it’s a win-win.

Today’s special is pole dancing classes which I have been wanting to do for a while. I don’t like to excercise but this seems fun and it will also help me tone up without looking “manly”. Normally classes are $30-$35 each but this special offers 5 classes for $29. Needless to say I signed up quickly and the special “tipped” after a couple of hours so the deal is official. I can’t wait to start my classes!

Here’s a link to sign up to groupon Enjoy!


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