Saturday night I went to Opa South Beach for Mindy’s friend’s birthday dinner. Opa is a Greek restaurant where you can dance on tables, throw napkins and smash plates. Also, after around 8pm it turns into a club and they have a DJ, who plays the hottest jams, while you eat and dance.

Before we reached Opa we stopped by Brit’s house and that is where I discovered this gem.

I love wine and I love pink so this drink was made for me. It was also sweet and it got me toasty quickly so it is my new fave.

very happy

Then we headed to Opa.

Kourtney and Khloe's Hotel
When we got inside it was after 8 so the music was blaring and everyone was dancing.


Here’s some pics of our crew living it up.

I don't know the girl in the background but I love her. She was crunk!
Birthday girl

The wind down.

Mindy and I
Birthday cake!
Birthday girl and her harem

After Opa we headed to Purdy Lounge which was amazing. The DJ played 80’s dance music and 90’s hip-hop and R&B and I danced my @ss off. The crowd was very diverse and everyone was chill. I had a blast and I will be going back soon.


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