They Raping Errrbody

Rape is not funny and if someone crawled through my window I would be freaking terrified.

So, I kept seeing on twitter and facebook people writing, ‎”hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cuz they rapin’ everybody out here!”. I just figured it was a lyric from a Rick Ross song or something since it took me about a month to figure out what people were talking about when they said, “I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover.” Don’t blame me; I don’t listen to the radio. Anyways, after a car ride with some friends I was introduced to the greatness that is Antoine Dodson. Antoine is like a bootleg Lafeyette. True Blood.‎ Basically, Antoine saved his sister from an intruder after a man crawled through her window and tried to rape her. Here is the original video from a Huntsville, Alabama news station.

Hide your husbands? LMAO.

Now, that you have seen the original, watch the Antoine Dodson auto-tune remixed song, “Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder Song”. I love everything about the song. The beat, the auto-tune, the way it was edited, the random White boys. Love, love, love. And it’s actually pretty catchy.

Again, rape is not funny in any way but Antoine Dodson definitely is. Antoine is the latest internet sensation and the “Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder Song” has almost 700,000 views on YouTube!


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