Software Popreneur

On twitter today, a fellow aspiring entrepreneur twatted a link to a story about a man who went from being an addict to starting a company that is raking in revenue of $32 million.

Bob Williamson ran away from home at the age of 17 and lead a nomadic lifestyle until he settled in Atlanta at the age Continue reading


Arts Park

I went to another artsy fartsy event this weekend. It’s called Arts Park and it is a gathering of vendors selling flowers, foods, paintings and natural beauty products. I ended up getting mangoes, a bouquet of flowers and slice of Ethiopian cake all for $5.50. The cake was lemon and pineapple and it was a slice of heaven!  I want to go back just so I can get more cake. They also play movies in the park on Saturday nights which I want to go to soon. I forgot my camera so I didn’t take pics but here’s a pic of the beautiful bouquet I bought.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Coupons


If you’re not already using then you need to sign up now. You all know that I am a huge fan of saving money and groupon allows one to experience new foods,places and activities, within their city, at a hugely discounted price. Usually more than 50% off. However, you only get the special if enough people sign up for it. For example, the special of the day is a buy one get one at a Continue reading

Bering Sea Popreneur

December 19, 1956 - February 9, 2010

Captain Phillip Charles Harris was one of the stars of Deadliest Catch, a reality show about crab fishing, for six seasons. Unfortunately, he passed away on February 9th,2010 at the age of 53, after suffering a stroke. His battle was documented on the Deadliest Catch and this week the Discovery Channel aired a tribute to the beloved skipper. While Continue reading

Is King James Miami’s Savior?

We all know by now that Lebron James decided to join the Heat and play basketball in South Beach. As someone who is not a sports fan my first thoughts were, “Oh crap, more tourists and traffic!” and ” Oh crap, now airplane ticket prices to Miami are going to increase”.

However, Alfred Spellman, producer of “The-U” and cult-classic “Cocaine Cowboys” , appeared on Bloomberg Television and he had a more positive view. He believes that King James will “unite Miami and lead the city to a Renaissance”.

During his appearance he mentions the economic blows that Miami has faced including the housing market crash, unemployment of 12%, 100,000 foreclosures in 2009 and the oil spill in the Gulf.  Spellman believes that Lebron will bring in tourist dollars and help revitalize Miami’s downtown area.

I loved the fact that Spellman addresses Lebron stating that he is coming to play ball in South Beach which is a misnomer because he will actually be playing at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami. But he said South Beach so we all know what’s really on his mind. Prince side eye.

I really do hope that Lebron revitalizes the Miami economy and that will mean more coins in MY pocket and not just increased prices for products, tickets and houses, while wages remain the same. @KidFury ( a guy I follow on twitter) summed it up best when he twatted, “If Lebron James coming to Miami causes more traffic, higher club covers and cost of hot wings to increase and/or more groupie attacks… I WILL leave. Lebron, you are free to have your fun, but keep that ish cute. I was here first”. chuckles.

Here’s the link to the article

You can also find more information on this topic on Alfred Spellman’s blog

Ballin’ On A Budget

As young Americans we all know how serious this recession is. The unemployment rate for 20-24 year olds is 15% whereas the rest of the population is 9.7%. But even amidst a recession we all want to “keep up with the Jones’ ”. As an unemployed grad student here are some ways that I save money.

  1. Get Your Rachel Ray On: Learning how to cook and cooking your own meals, instead of eating out, saves you money and is usually a healthier alternative. I have learned many recipes by watching cooking shows and using Google. Also, once you have perfected your skills you and your friends can take turns cooking for one another which will save you money, relieve you from having to cook every night and offer you a free way to spend time with your friends.
  2. Go Green: Not only is “going green” trendy but it also saves money. Energy efficient light bulbs are expensive upfront but you will definitely see a return on your investment within a few months, when your light bill is substantially cheaper. Also, if you are within walking distance of a lot of places, walk instead of drive. This will reduce wear and tear on your car, keep you from having to get gas frequently and it is also good exercise, so you can forgo a gym membership.
  3. Never Pay Full Price:  I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for anything. I always keep an eye out for sales at my local mall and outlet malls are a girl’s best friend because they have great deals. I know the Coach store at the outlet mall in my area has 20% off sales every weekend, which is unbeatable. Moreover, if you are a fan of produce and have a flea market in your area that sells fruits and vegetables then this is the best place to get these items. The produce is about half the price of the supermarket and higher quality. Lastly, I recently took a day trip to the Bahamas for $35 because it was my birthday month. Research cruise lines or travel sites in your area to see if they offer any similar special deals.

These are just a few ways that I “ball on a budget”.  Understandably, when I first lost my job I was stressed out over my financial situation. But being unemployed has taught me how to stretch a dollar and I have learned habits that I will implement for the rest of my life. You don’t have to be struggling financially to “ball on a budget” because every dollar you save today can help you reach future goals.