I Die

Tonight is a reality TV whore’s dream; premiers of the 3rd season of The Rachel Zoe Project and Bad Girls Club Miami.

The Rachel Zoe Project, is a Bravo reality TV show which basically shows celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe managing her company. She travels, she shops for fabulous clothes, attends fashion shows, manages her employees, styles her celebrity clients and shops some more. This show interests me because frankly I love all Bravo shows; Andy Cohen is a producing genius. But before the show aired I knew of Rachel Zoe and I also like fashion and this show is heavy on fashion. So if you are a fashionista reality TV whore tune into the RZP on Bravo tonight at 10/9 central.

I just started watching the Bad Girls Club last season after being harassed by Mindy and hearing so much about Natalie Nunn. I run LA! And I must admit I was fairly impressed with the show. I don’t know why I like this show, I guess for the same reasons I like Jersey Shore; pure entertainment. The past seasons have been filmed in L.A. but this season is in my Miami so I will definitely be tuning in. I wonder if there is another Natalie or Pop off! on this season. One can only hope. The BGC airs tonight on Oxygen at 9pm et/pt.


Sale! Sale! Sale!

My friend and I did a photo shoot yesterday for our Ebay store. Here are some of the items that we shot that are up for sale. 

Loose Slouchy Chic Green Shoulder Tunic Size S
Rockabilly Retro Checkerboard Summer Shorts Size 5
Purple Vintage Suede Naturalizer Heels Size 6
Vintage 50s Polkadot Pinup Capri Pants

Here’s the link to our store http://myworld.ebay.com/aretrorecess/

Retro Road

My friend showing off her stylish vintage outfit

Today one of my friends and I began the footwork for our vintage online business. Vintage clothes are items that are from an era of the past such as the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc.  Vintage shopping is when you go to a store that has already found vintage items and thrifting is when you go to a thrift store (Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc) and search for vintage items or cheap stuff in general. Of course, the thrift store items are cheaper than the vintage store. Vintage clothes are popular because they are unique and are usually one of a kind pieces. So, fashionistas love vintage clothes. 

First, we went vintage shopping at Jezebel which is a vintage boutique in Fort Lauderdale. There were a lot of great finds there but the brightly colored dresses from the 60’s really caught my eye. I was drawn to this 60’s dress almost as soon as we entered the store and I ended up buying it. 

It looks super cute on

I also got these cool cat-eye glasses to pair with the dress. 


I also found this 80’s dress that I wanted to get but it didn’t fit me. 

Sixteen Candles



I was quite happy with my purchases and I also picked out a dress for my friend, which looked great on her, and she ended up buying. 

After that we headed down to Miami to go thrifting. Luckily, we found a lot of vintage items there and we got a great deal on everything. The prices were super super cheap. I even found a dress for myself that I only paid $3 for! 

I love a deal!

We really loaded up at that thrift store and we will be going back this week. Here is a sample of the items that we purchased. 


Lastly, we headed to C.Madeleine’s which is the pinnacle/ holy grail of vintage stores. 


They had a large selection of designer vintage clothes from the 50’s to the 80’s. A lot of the items you could picture movie stars of their time wearing. Their pieces are quite expensive; $100 was the cheapest price that I saw. But I will say that their clothes are well worth it. My friend found a classic black Audrey Hepburn dress that she fell in love with that she didn’t buy but I have a feeling that she will go back to buy it. 

I think that our vintage and thrifting day was a huge success. I bought a couple of items and we bought a lot of items for our store. We hope to shoot the items this week and get them online. When we open our online store I will post the link here.