Natural Beauty

I love getting more for less and thus I have discovered some foods that are delicious as well as good for your looks.

  • Strawberries: Catherine Zeta Jones swears that eating strawberries and apples after a meal helps your teeth  look better, healthier and whiter Continue reading

Lemon + Water

Perfect Match

I must admit that I really do not like to drink water. I know it is vital to keep you hydrated and to keep you functioning properly but I have never liked the bland taste of water. However, I have always liked the taste of water with lemon. One day, I decided to do some research to find out the benefits, if any, of water and lemon and it turns out that there are tons.  

  1. Lemon water assists in the removal of toxins from your body. Thus, your skin will look better and your digestion will improve
  2. Lemon water helps to improve your immune system
  3. Lemon water is a diuretic
  4. Lemon water relieves heartburn
  5. Lemon water helps you lose weight

More information can be found here  

and here


Making lemon water is fairly simple. You need water and a lemon, of course, and a container/glass/bottle etc. to put the water in. I find the lemon easier to squeeze when it is cut up into slices. How many slices depends on the width of the slice, how “lemony” you want the water to taste and the size of the container you are using. I use a water bottle so I cut up about 2-3 slices.  


Then I squeeze the lemon juice into the bottle/glass/container etc.  


I taste the water as I go along until I have my desired taste and then voila; you have lemon water.  

A few tips:  

  • the lemon should be at room temperature so you can extract the most juice from it
  • don’t microwave the lemon because this can destroy a lot of the lemon’s nutrients