Pop Bits 2nd Edition


Personal Pop  

Soo, I got a call about a marketing job today. The lady was interviewing me and she asked me my salary range and I told her. Mind you, I think I lowballed it. Anyways, the lady was like ohhh, that’s out of our range blah blah blah. Oh well, I have experience, I’ll have my MBA in December and it’s expensive to live here. I don’t want to work for peanuts and it seems that many employers in South Florida only want to pay a little higher than minimum wage.  

Media Pop  

Dream, “The American Dream” got “caught” cheating on his wife, Christina Milian, this week. Reports say that the couple has been separated since late 2009, which is odd to me since they got married in September 2009. Beyonce side eye. This news doesn’t surprise me because they never seemed like a genuine couple to me. It seems to me as if they had some sort of arrangement. F*cking for tracks. Anyways, I think this is a blessing in disguise for C.Mili and I know that she can do wayyyyy better.  Bevy Smith , fellow tweeter, twatted  



George Steinbrenner, principal owner and managing partner of the NY Yankees, passed away on Tuesday morning due to a heart attack.  He was 80 years old. Steinbrenner bought the Yankees from CBS for $8.8 million in 1973 and in 2009 his net worth was an estimated $1.15 billion. He was definitely a successful entrepreneur and someone to be respected.  



Mel Gibson reminds every one of the importance of giving blow jobs in 2010.  

This week’s episode of The Deadliest Catch centered on the passing of Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie. Capt. Phil passed away due to a stroke, in February, while he was filming the 6th season of the highest rated show on the Discovery Channel. Producers revealed that after the stroke Capt. Phil wrote a note to the cameramen instructing them to keep filming and they did. His final episodes were very emotional and very tasteful. Capt. Phil has two sons, Josh and Jake, but my heart really aches for Jake. In the episode before the stroke Jake admits to his dad that he is an addict after Capt. Phil catches him stealing his pain pills. After his dad falls ill Jake decides to go to rehab while Josh stays by his dad’s side. However, Jake gets called back after Josh receives a phone call about his dad’s condition taking a turn for the worst. It was not revealed on the show, but I really hope that Jake made it back in time to mend his relationship with his dad before he passed.  

Josh, Phil and Jake Harris


I have an inexplicable crush on Josh Harris. sigh.  

This week marked the end of an era for MTV. The last episode of The Hills aired on Tuesday. The final scene left everyone in a state of confusion after it was revealed that the show was filmed on a Hollywood backlot. I thought everyone knew the show was fake? There was also a reunion episode where LC made an appearance and Speidi was noticeably absent. However, Spencer showed up across the street from the taping dressed as and acting like a mad man. smdh.   

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**Jaci is the Pop Star of the week. She is turning one year older tomorrow and I have known her for half of my life and she hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet. Happy birthday nubian princess**  


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