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Happy Wife, Happy Life

Me pushing Teresa's book

A couple of days ago my friend, who is obsessed with reality television even more than me, informed me that Teresa Giudice (Real Housewives of NJ) would be at Books and Books on Lincoln Road, signing copies of her cook book, Skinny Italian.  I must admit that out of all the RHONJ housewives Danielle is my favorite because she is bat shit crazy! Nonetheless, I decided to accompany my friend to the book signing as a supportive friend and to catch a glimpse of the table flipping, prostitute-whore screaming Goddess that is Teresa Giudice. 

The book signing was at 5:00 pm and we arrived at Books and Books at 4:00 pm expecting a moderate turnout. 


When we got there the line was fairly short. Here’s a pic of the loyal fans who were in the front of the line. 


We decided not to wait in line and set up shop in a chair that was right by where Teresa would be signing books; we had the best seat in the house. True to her nature, of always being late, she arrived at her book signing at 5:30 pm and when she did all the guidos, guidettes and gays went crazy! 


We love Joe (Teresa's husband)

My friend who is a native New Jerseyer and Teresa SuperFan was in awe of the Italian princess.

Teresa is amazing

Per my friend’s request, we stayed at the book signing the whole hour and a half that Teresa was there. Finally at 7:00 pm it was our turn! 

You can tell who the SuperFan is


My friend got to talk to Teresa for a whole 2 minutes and she told her how much she loved her, how she is from NJ and how she pre-ordered her book. Unfortunately, my friend didn’t have the book with her and Teresa in her Jersey accent asked, “Do you want me to sign sumthin?”. Luckily we had a blank piece of paper so we got her to sign that and we were on our way. 

My life is complete

I must say that Teresa is much prettier in person and she was a TOTAL sweetheart. My friend has her book and she says that the recipes are really easy to follow and are actually good. Also, she was wearing a really nice pair of Louboutins and a million carat bracelet. So, she definitely did not look like she was going through bankruptcy… or maybe that is how she got there. 

Raw footage of the Italian Princess with her guidettes. 

 For my friend’s account of this day head over to http://blogalicioustimes.blogspot.com/