Is King James Miami’s Savior?

We all know by now that Lebron James decided to join the Heat and play basketball in South Beach. As someone who is not a sports fan my first thoughts were, “Oh crap, more tourists and traffic!” and ” Oh crap, now airplane ticket prices to Miami are going to increase”.

However, Alfred Spellman, producer of “The-U” and cult-classic “Cocaine Cowboys” , appeared on Bloomberg Television and he had a more positive view. He believes that King James will “unite Miami and lead the city to a Renaissance”.

During his appearance he mentions the economic blows that Miami has faced including the housing market crash, unemployment of 12%, 100,000 foreclosures in 2009 and the oil spill in the Gulf.  Spellman believes that Lebron will bring in tourist dollars and help revitalize Miami’s downtown area.

I loved the fact that Spellman addresses Lebron stating that he is coming to play ball in South Beach which is a misnomer because he will actually be playing at the American Airlines Arena in Downtown Miami. But he said South Beach so we all know what’s really on his mind. Prince side eye.

I really do hope that Lebron revitalizes the Miami economy and that will mean more coins in MY pocket and not just increased prices for products, tickets and houses, while wages remain the same. @KidFury ( a guy I follow on twitter) summed it up best when he twatted, “If Lebron James coming to Miami causes more traffic, higher club covers and cost of hot wings to increase and/or more groupie attacks… I WILL leave. Lebron, you are free to have your fun, but keep that ish cute. I was here first”. chuckles.

Here’s the link to the article

You can also find more information on this topic on Alfred Spellman’s blog