Sex, Music and Blood

The stars of True Blood grace the cover of the September issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Here are some interview quotes from True Blood creator, Alan Ball: Continue reading


Quitting is the New Black

Two working class heroes have emerged this week; Steven Slater and Elyse Porterfield.

Steven Slater, is was a Jet Blue flight attendant. Slater approached some hag who was attempting to remove her luggage from the carry on compartment before the plane came to a complete stop. The passenger refused to listen to Slater and her luggage “accidentally” hit Slater in the face. Afer that, Slater got on the microphone and went on an Continue reading

They Raping Errrbody

Rape is not funny and if someone crawled through my window I would be freaking terrified.

So, I kept seeing on twitter and facebook people writing, ‎”hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cuz they rapin’ everybody out here!”. I just figured it was a lyric from a Rick Ross song or something since it took me about a month to figure out what people were talking about when they said, “I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover.” Don’t blame me; I don’t listen to the radio. Anyways, after a car ride with some friends I was introduced to the greatness that is Antoine Dodson. Antoine is like a bootleg Lafeyette. True Blood.‎ Basically, Antoine saved his sister from an intruder after a man crawled through her window and tried to rape her. Here is the original video from a Huntsville, Alabama news station.

Hide your husbands? LMAO.

Now, that you have seen the original, watch the Antoine Dodson auto-tune remixed song, “Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder Song”. I love everything about the song. The beat, the auto-tune, the way it was edited, the random White boys. Love, love, love. And it’s actually pretty catchy.

Again, rape is not funny in any way but Antoine Dodson definitely is. Antoine is the latest internet sensation and the “Huntsville Rapist Bed Intruder Song” has almost 700,000 views on YouTube!

No One Man Should Have All That Power

Kanye West reemerged last week by relaunching his Twitter page and showing his 538,975 followers how much better his life is than theirs. On Thursday, he released the video for his new single “Power”. I think this video is very creative as it is a moving portrait not a video. I have never seen anything done like this before. I have no clue what the imagery means Continue reading

I Die

Tonight is a reality TV whore’s dream; premiers of the 3rd season of The Rachel Zoe Project and Bad Girls Club Miami.

The Rachel Zoe Project, is a Bravo reality TV show which basically shows celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe managing her company. She travels, she shops for fabulous clothes, attends fashion shows, manages her employees, styles her celebrity clients and shops some more. This show interests me because frankly I love all Bravo shows; Andy Cohen is a producing genius. But before the show aired I knew of Rachel Zoe and I also like fashion and this show is heavy on fashion. So if you are a fashionista reality TV whore tune into the RZP on Bravo tonight at 10/9 central.

I just started watching the Bad Girls Club last season after being harassed by Mindy and hearing so much about Natalie Nunn. I run LA! And I must admit I was fairly impressed with the show. I don’t know why I like this show, I guess for the same reasons I like Jersey Shore; pure entertainment. The past seasons have been filmed in L.A. but this season is in my Miami so I will definitely be tuning in. I wonder if there is another Natalie or Pop off! on this season. One can only hope. The BGC airs tonight on Oxygen at 9pm et/pt.